Leadeaship & Mentoring

Education and the sharing of skills has always been a natural passion in my life. I began tutoring math from the fourth grade inadvertently by helping my class mates understand basic math problems all the way through high school. My passion for teaching and leadership became most evident when I started to lead rock bands in my teenage years organizing rehearsals and spontaneous arrangements of original songs and pop tunes. During my last year at Lehman College I started to share my skills and to mentor young people at The Point CDC through music in the position of Teaching Artist creating a multitude of ensembles and projects centered on youth development, safe space, and team building all using music as a universal language.

Teaching Artist

Digital stewards

I have had the opportunity to teach, organize, and lead a dynamic group of young adults and teens to explore Community Networking and become the first response team that will manage, monitor, and repair our FHPWF network in case of a natural disasters or normal days network failures.

men & music

I ran this program at The Point for three consecutive years leading, teaching and mentoring a dynamic group of teenagers through music to discover their own talents in songwriting, studio recording, and live performance while creating a support group to help them overcome the challenges of growing up the in Hunts Point area of The Bronx.

Hunts Point Melodica Ensemble - SYEP 2014

Instructor Melodica Arrangement

Teen Songwriting and Studio class showcase

InstructorMusic Director

pnk workshops