Hello! Thanks for checking out my CV!My name is Yamil Lora and I am currently the manager of the only Equity theater in the bronx, Live from the Edge Theater at The Point CDC. I have a passion for Audio and Visual technology that enables humans to communicate their ideas effectively and creatively. With over 7500 hours of experience leading, planning, managing, and producing live events ranging from outdoor music festivals, to workshops, film festivals, theater seasons, and postproduction A/V work, I am enthused to keep creating events and studio productions that inspire and enhance the lives of people.
I also have a background in music technology and in teaching theory, instruments, and studio music production with a concentration in Jazz, latin music, and electronic music performance, which I use to effectively support the productions of the clients that I serve.
For a text version of my resume please click HERE.
Bronx, NYyamill36@gmail.com
Best regards,Yamil LoraTheater Manager and Community Coordinator, THE POINT CDC

singer . songwriter

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